Key Cave National Wildlife Refuge

Located southwest of Florence, Alabama, Key Cave National Wildlife Refuge protects the only known population of the endangered Alabama cavefish.

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Key Cave itself is managed for protection; therefore, it is not open to the public due to the potential for disturbance of the federally endangered Alabama cavefish and gray bats. However, other areas of the refuge are open to visitor activities. 

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      About Us

      Key Cave lies on the northern shore of Pickwick Lake in a limestone karst area that contains numerous sinkholes and several underground cave systems. The area’s sinkholes are an integral component of groundwater recharge for the cave.

      What We Do

      The Refuge consists of rolling grassland, upland hardwoods, and crop land. Past farming practices have led to severe soil erosion problems. Initial management efforts were focused on controlling erosion, thus enhancing the water quality entering the underground cave system to benefit the endangered species inhabiting Key Cave.

      Our Species

      Key Cave National Wildlife Refuge protects more than one endangered species, including the Alabama cavefish and the Gray bat. These two species have a unique story where the presence of one benefits the other.  

      Our Library

      Visit our digital library to view refuge documents.