An image of two people in the woods hunting.

The bottomland hardwood forest and cropland of Hatchie NWR offer the best wildlife habitat in the area, and local hunters know this refuge holds good numbers of game species in its thick cover. The 11,500-acre refuge was created as a migratory bird refuge, and waterfowlers may hunt right along the Hatchie River in an area accessible only by boat. There can be a lot of mallard and wood ducks in this area, but low water can make access difficult. Deer and turkey hunting can offer more consistent hunting opportunities. Deer hunters can participate in a 16-day general-access archery hunt, or apply for one of two quota firearms hunts. The good cover and cropland hold deer on the refuge even when there is hunting pressure. Turkeys can be found throughout the refuge, but hunting success varies depending on spring weather.

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Hatchie NWR Deer Quota Hunt Information









Hatchie NWR Deer Quota Hunt Information

 Season: 1) Nov 3-5, 2023