Projects and Research

  1. The refuge is home to the federally threatened bog turtle, state threatened wood turtle and state endangered blue spotted salamander. The refuge is actively working on research and the recovery of these species. 
  2. The refuge maintains an important mosaic of different habitats for a suite of species. Along with grasslands, brushlands, mature forest, forested wetlands, marsh, ponds and streams the refuge also manages five impoundments that total 570 acres where the refuge staff can manipulate water levels to create the optimum habitat for migrating waterfowl. Early-successional habitat is maintained through annual mowing and the use of prescribed fire. Refuge staff and volunteers regularly remove invasive flora from all habitat types. 
  3. Some of the very important species for controlling the insect population on the refuge are the 10 bat species found here, including the eastern red bat, eastern small footed bat, northern long-eared bat, and hoary bat, little brown bat, big brown bat and federally endangered Indiana bat. Refuge biologists and partners monitor the bat populations through mist-netting and acoustic surveys.