A man waist deep in water holding a silver fish and his fishing rod

Since impoundment in the mid-1960s, Lake Eufaula (Walter F. George Reservoir) has had a national reputation for excellent largemouth bass fishing and is often called the “Big Bass Capital of the World.” Fishing is available on the refuge year-round. Bank fishing is limited to daytime use only, but there are no time restrictions for boat fishing. Except where noted in the Eufaula NWR Hunting/Fishing Regulations & Permit, state regulations apply. Please carry out all litter, most especially monofilament fishing line, as it can be hazardous to birds and other wildlife.

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Eufaula National Wildlife Refuge Fishing and Hunting Regulations 2024-2025 Brochure

Public use, including fishing and hunting, is permitted under carefully controlled conditions.

Laws, rules, and regulations