Group of five birdwatchers are looking for a bird in the leafy tree canopy.

The Refuge is known for its tremendous diversity of wildlife and includes 291 bird species that have been sighted on the refuge. The American Bird Conservancy and the National Audubon Society have recognized the refuge as an Important Bird Area (IBA) due to the refuge's efforts to conserve wild birds and their habitats. Located along the Atlantic Flyway, the refuge is a "bird lover's paradise", rich in birdlife throughout the year. Waterfowl, raptors, shorebirds, wading and marsh birds, and songbirds, including threatened and endangered species, all use the refuge's various habitats to meet their needs, according to the seasons. 

From late fall into the spring, over 20 species of waterfowl including pintail, shoveler, and widgeon winter on the refuge. Painted buntings, prothonotary warblers and other neotropical songbirds migrate thousands of miles for summer breeding habitat, spending the spring, summer and early fall months. Egrets, herons, wood storks, and other wading birds can be seen year-round, as well as bald eagles, hawks, wild turkey, woodcock and quail.

Be sure to check the local forecast and dress appropriately for the weather, pack snacks and water and, bring insect repellent. 

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