How to Reach Us

For general inquiries call our office at 814-580-9983.

Other General Contacts

Injured Wildlife - Off Refuge
As a National Wildlife Refuge, we are not licensed rehabilitators and are not trained to care for orphaned or injured wildlife. Our staff does not rehabilitate wildlife nor can we respond to incidents off site. Instead, keep your distance from the animal and contact a local rehabilitation facility for guidance. 

If you have contained an injured, orphaned or sick wild animal, please first contact your nearest wildlife rehabilitation center.  The nearest rehabilitation center to the refuge is the Tamarack Wildlife Center, located at 21601 Stull Rd, Saegertown, PA 16433.  Staff can be reached daily at 814-763-2574. Admissions are by appointment only, 7 days a week.Additional information can be found at            

If you are elsewhere in Pennsylvania, we recommend reaching out to Wildlife In Need (WIN). This is a statewide, all-volunteer network that connects you to your closest rehabilitator. Leave a message at 814-414-4224 and someone will return your call.  Alternatively, visit www.pawr.comto find a licensed rehabilitator by county!                  

Injured Wildlife - On Refuge 

If you find injured wildlife on the refuge please keep your distance and give us a call.

A creek winds the woods, trees full of bright green leaves.
Explore the Seneca Division virtually with our interactive StoryMap!!

To provide an alternative means for exploring the Seneca Division, the refuge is happy to offer an interactive StoryMap, or "virtual paddling tour", that will provide visitors with an intimate look at the diverse aquatic habitats and wildlife found across the Muddy Creek basin.

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