Projects and Research

Current Projects Include

Refuge staff and Americorps crew members planted dune grass to restore coastal habitat. This area was trampled by visitors, resulting in the loss of dune grass.  To restore this area, refuge staff and the Americorps crew planted 360 plugs on about 1/10 of an acre and the area was fenced off to prevent trampling of the new plants. Visitors that witnessed the planting were supportive and pleased to see staff and Americorps restoring the area.

Mile-A-Minute Bio Control 

Refuge staff and interns released weevils as a bio-control for the invasive mile-a-minute plant. Staff released weevils in varying quantities at four sites, including three quick release sites and one ten-quadrat transect. Prior to release, biologists surveyed invasive plants throughout the refuge and recorded using visual estimation of percent cover. At each release site, biologists performed a species inventory and initial assessment of mile-a-minute. Just four days after release, the weevils are making visible impact!