Facility Activities

About 75 miles from Nashville, Cross Creeks National Wildlife Refuge offers a great public hunting opportunity along 12.5 river miles of the Cumberland River. The refuge's woodland habitat holds sizable numbers of popular game species, including turkey, deer, squirrel, beaver and coyote. Turkeys...

Fishing is permitted in refuge impoundments and reservoirs, March 16-November 14. Fishing is permitted year-round in waters of Lake Barkley. Predominant species are sunfish, crappie, catfish and largemouth bass. Best fishing occurs during the spring after winter flooding has occurred.

The refuge also has a mobile archery trailer that has all components to introduce children to archery.  It can be used in events, at schools, or on the refuge. 

The refuge offers a 10 mile long gravel wildlife drive along the southern bank of the Cumberland River. It is closed seasonally from Nov. 15th -Mar. 15th. 

Biking is allowed on the refuge, but only on roads that are publically open to vehicles.  There is no biking allowed on the levees or off-roads. All refuge roads are seasonally closed from Nov. 15th – Mar. 15th. 

Birding is popular refuge wide. All areas of the refuge are closed seasonally from Nov. 15th – Mar. 15th. An observation deck located near the visitor center is open year round. 

All refuge impounded waters allows motorized boats at no-wake speeds. All refuge impoundments are seasonally closed Nov. 15th – Mar. 15th. Boating is allowed year round on the Cumberland River. 

Canoeing and Kayaking are popular activities on the refuge.  All refuge impoundments are seasonally closed Nov. 15th – Mar. 15th. 

Any group can contact the refuge at least 2 weeks prior to the date to arrange a Ranger led program.   

The refuge strives to provide high quality field trips and environmental education programs to the public free of charge. The refuge hold a free fishing...

The refuge allows horseback riding on all roads open to vehicles.  Horseback riding is not allowed on levees, or off-road. All refuge roads and areas are closed seasonally from Nov. 15th – Mar. 15th. 


Refuge roads and trails are a fabulous place for a peaceful run in natural surroundings. All refuge roads and areas are seasonally closed from Nov. 15th – Mar. 15th. 

Setting up an easel and creating your masterpiece on the refuge is highly encouraged. 

Many photographers, whether professional or amateur find the refuge an excellent place for picturesque or wildlife shots.