Brown trout caught in the Cherry Creek at the Cherry Valley National Wildlife Refuge by Todd Burns of the Brodhead Chapter of Trout Unlimited

Anglers are required to possess a valid Pennsylvania fishing license to fish at the refuge. A special regulation area exists at the former Cherry Valley Golf Course tract, where anglers will be required to obtain a free refuge day-use fishing permit, available by email. Access to Cherry Creek is limited to three anglers per day, using barbless artificial lures and flies. It is catch-and-release only. Cherry Creek supports an abundant population of brown trout and native brook trout.

The Headquarters Tract (the former Cherry Valley Golf Course) has been open for fishing since January 1, 2020. The Larsen's Lane Tract (Larsen's Lane, Stroudsburg, PA 18360) has been open for fishing since September 1, 2020.  A free Refuge Fishing Permit is required in addition to a valid Pennsylvania Fishing Licence with a Trout License. Fishing in Cherry Creek is strictly catch and release.  All fish must be returned to the water unharmed as soon as possible.  Fishing is restricted to the use of barbless flies and artificial lures with barbless hooks.  No live bait, dead bait and / or synthetic bait is allowed. Cherry Creek is open to fishing from Sunrise to Sunset.  

In order to obtain a free Refuge Fishing Permit for either the Headquarters Tract or the Larsen's Lane Tract, please email: 48 hours in advance of the day that you would like to fish. 

Refuge Fishing Permits are valid for one day.  In your email request for a fishing permit, please indicate the tract you would like to fish, the date you would like to fish plus one alternate date in your email, as well as your phone number.  Only three Refuge Fishing Permits will be issued per day for each tract.  

Every year, there will be a temporary moratorium on fishing in the Cherry Creek within the Cherry Valley National Wildlife Refuge from July 1st-August 31st due to high temperatures in the creek negatively affecting the health of the trout. The re-issuance of free, daily refuge fishing permits will resume on September 1st.  

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