Self-guided auto tour route

The Refuge’s auto tour route is open daylight hours year-round, weather and road conditions permitting. The auto tour route is a 12-mile loop through the heart of the Refuge. The Refuge Headquarters and Wildlife Education Center are easy to find. From either the North or South - take exit 363 off of I-15 and drive a short 1/4 mile west to the Refuge entrance. It is 36 miles round-trip from I-15 to visit the Education Center and drive the Auto Tour.

The auto tour route is one way (counter clockwise). Please be courteous and pull over for others if you are stopped to view or photograph wildlife. There are many designated pull-offs along the route for this reason. There is a security gate at the beginning of the auto tour route that closes at dusk.

Auto Tour Route
Year-round, weather permitting
Sunrise - Sunset