Laws and Regulations

All hunters must carry a valid State hunting license and all required State and Federal stamps, validations and permits.


Dates, hours and bag limits for species listed below correspond to State regulations.


Ducks, geese, coots, mergansers, snipe, gray partridge, grouse and cottontails may be hunted. All other species of wildlife are protected and may NOT be killed.


Approved nontoxic shot is required for hunting all species.

Personal Property

All personal property including boats and decoys must be removed from the refuge at the end of the day.


The use or possession of alcoholic beverages while hunting is prohibited.

Hunting Areas and Regulations

Hunting is permitted only in those areas designated as open to hunting on the map in this brochure and is subject to the following regulations. Motorized and non-motorized boats are allowed in the hunting area September 20 - January 15. Airthrust boats are prohibited. The south boundary of the hunting area within Mud Lake is delineated by a row of orange buoys. Temporary blinds of natural vegetation may be constructed, but such blinds shall be available for general use on a first-come, first-served basis. Construction of permanent blinds is prohibited.


Fishing opportunities are available. However, the refuge is not noted for its game fisheries. Fishing is more popular in the nearby mountain streams and adjacent Bear Lake.


All anglers 14 years of age and older must carry a valid State fishing license.

Seasons and Limits

Dates, bag limits, legal species and other regulations correspond to the State regulations.

Fishing Areas

Fishing is permitted only in the Outlet Canal north of the former Paris Dam location, and along Merkley Lake Road. Look for the USFWS "Public Fishing Area" signs.


Boating is not permitted in the fishing area.

For questions about recreation, please contact the refuge office.