Waterway view at Bill Williams River Refuge
The National Wildlife Refuge System protects some of the country’s most iconic ecosystems and the fish and wildlife that rely on them: prairies of the heartland, teeming with native pollinators and bison; hardwood forests of the Southeast, a source of regional and cultural pride; and desert...
A river with a forest of trees whose leaves are orange, yellow, red and green along the bank
Because wildlife behavior and plant characteristics change with the seasons, time of year is important when planning a visit to a national wildlife refuge. Learn about those seasonal variations and how best to enjoy them at wildlife refuges.
Girl looks at shell in the classroom
Learn about the natural world through challenges, lessons, webcams, puzzles, videos, podcasts and activities.
Two black-footed ferrets poke their heads out of black pipes lying in tall grass to examine the photographer
Here you can find resources from across the Fish and Wildlife Service about threatened or endangered species.
A boy holds a fish in his hands and smiles at the camera. A person next to him holds a fishing rod an bobber.
Did you know that you can be a super-star conservationist just by going fishing? Whether you prefer fly-fishing on a wild and scenic river, noodling for catfish, or dropping a line in an urban waterway, here are some basics to get you started fishing responsibly!