Wetlands Data Verification Toolset

The Wetlands Data Verification Toolset is a user friendly tool designed to automate the quality control functions necessary to ensure your data submission meets the federal standard. The tool is intended to be integrated and used at all levels of data collection from data creation, modification, verification and submission. The tool is designed to address specific geospatial errors, digital anomalies and logic checks. The toolset was created using ESRI Model builder, and is compatible with ESRI’s Arc Desktop and ArcPro versions.

Toolset Download

Users are encouraged to download and thoroughly review the documentation that accompanies this toolset before use. To obtain the toolset download the file using the link below and unzip the file contents. The Verification Toolset and associated files are stored in a 'NWI_QAQC_Tool' folder. This folder can be stored at any location on your machine.

Toolset Instructions:
Wetlands Data Verification Toolset Installation and User Information
Riparian Data Verification Toolset Installation and User Information

Wetlands Data Verification Toolset (Updated June 2016):
ArcGIS Versions 10.3 to 10.5 Compatible (29MB)

Wetlands Data Verification Toolset (Updated July 2019):
ArcGIS Version 10.6 and ArcPro 2.3 Compatible (116MB)

Riparian Data Verification Toolset (August 2020):
ArcGIS Version 10.6 and ArcPro 2.3 Compatible (.6MB)

Note: The table of accepted wetland codes in the Wetlands Geodatabase is updated periodically. To ensure you have the most recent table, please download the latest toolset file. The code tables were last updated in June 2016.

Wetlands Data Verification Toolset Requirement

In order to run the tool successfully the data must be stored in a file geodatabase in the correct data schema and include a project area boundary. This area should be a polygon that exactly defines the geographic areas that have been mapped. There is no limitation to what this boundary can be. Common examples include; watershed, county, quadrangle, township, parcel, refuge, or state wetland area. An example file geodatabase in the wetlands database schema is included in the toolset download.