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Information Resources and Technology Management Programs

Associate Chief Information Officer (ACIO)  VACANT

The Associate Chief Information Officer makes decisions regarding the establishment of the Service’s information management and information technology strategies and their alignment with the objectives and expected outcomes of the Department.

Deputy Chief Information Officer (DACIO)  - (Acting ACIO)

The Deputy Chief Information Officer oversees the formulation of information technology (IT) policies and budget for the areas of IT strategic planning and performance reporting. IT security, IT

The Deputy CIO is also responsible for:  capital planning and investment control, E-Government, enterprise architecture, IT acquisition, data standards, and data management, records management, Freedom of Information Act and Privacy Act compliance, systems development, operation, maintenance and disposal, geographical information systems, project management, and program management reviews and audits. They also oversee the operation of the Service's wide area network, radio systems, help desk support, and various application and web hosting facilities. The office works with the Service's natural resource program and business management offices to develop, operate, and maintain IT systems that support activities in a broad range of Service programs.


The Associate Privacy Officer is responsible for administering the privacy functions of the FWS under the guidance of the Department Privacy Officer and Chief Information Officer, who serves as the Department’s Senior Agency Official for Privacy. We work with program offices to develop and publish System of Records Notices and Privacy Impact Assessments(PIA) for the FWS. We oversee the implementation and assessment of privacy controls; develop privacy metrics and fulfill reporting requirements and data calls. We process privacy incidents, complaints, and coordinate privacy training. We meet at least monthly with the Department Privacy Officer and other Bureau Privacy Offices. We also work closely with IRTM’s Cyber Security branch to provide system owners and Authorizing Officials risk assessments for privacy-sensitive systems and information collections.

Cyber Security

 The Cyber Security Chief performs Risk Management, Compliance, and technical Cyber service functions which help FWS operate and maintain its information systems at an identified and acceptable level of risk.

Data Management

Directorate authority for establishing policies and standards as they relate to data management. The activities of this Division support that role and the goal of this Division is to make data accessible, easy-to-find, stored in accordance with FWS Policy, and archived for asset storage.  The Division works closely with other Programs to support their data management priorities within the FWS, and with the Department.

Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)

The FOIA Coordinator is responsible for Service-wide receipt, tracking, coordination and providing timely responses to FOIA requests in accordance with Federal law and Federal and Department regulatory requirements. 

Enterprise Engineering and Infrastructure Operations (EEIO)

ief is responsible for Service-wide/National-level management and implementation of enterprise infrastructure services including web hosting, development, virtualization and storage platforms, directory services (Active Directory), and Enterprise Content Management System (ECMS) and database management systems. The position is also responsible for the design, implementation, and management of a variety of collaboration services/tools such as Service Internet and Intranet (i.e. Drupal and SharePoint), virtual desktop technologies, and MyAccount self-service portal.

Policy and Planning

The Policy and Planning Chief is responsible for developing the overarching IMT policies and long-term strategic plans for the FWS. This is the arm of the AD- IRTM that establishes and maintains the roles, responsibilities, standards, processes, and procedures within the FWS. The Division will have five branches that are responsible for IT Project and Program Management, Investment Management, IT Standard -Governance, Records Management, and Geospatial Information Systems (GIS) policy and operations. The staff also provides FWS national level planning as it collaborates with the DOI Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) to ensure compliance with federal law and Departmental policies.

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Welcome to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's Information Resources and Technology Management (IRTM) program homepage. The IRTM program, along with the Directorate, is responsible for maintaining and enhancing management of the Service’s information resources and technology by providing...