HR Onboarding Phase 3 - Start Your New Job


You’ve completed all the requirements and are ready to start contributing to the important mission of the Fish and Wildlife Service!

NOTE: The documents mentioned on this page can be found in the Library tab and some sites included are only accessible on the USFWS network intranet webpages. Prior to getting your computer, your supervisor or a colleague may be able to access the link and copy the information for your reference.

Tasks: First Day

While the messages from USA Staffing and the system itself were developed to walk you through the steps, we have also developed some additional tools and have staff to answer questions not covered by these materials. Your supervisor or onboarding specialist will guide you through your first day onboarding activities. Among other things, you will need to:

1Complete all New Hire documents and tasks in USA Staffing Onboarding. This includes uploading approved Form I-9 supporting documentation.  A detailed list of approved documents is on page 3 of the Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification.
2Attend the virtual I-9 Verification and Swearing in Ceremony, hosted by FWS Onboarding. During this meeting we will be conducting a visual and verbal role call to verify uploaded documentation aligns with the new hire.  Once role call is completed, please leave your camera on and your microphones muted, to participate in the “Oath of Office” ceremony. An invite will be sent to your personal email address, so please check for it. 
3After your First Day virtual In-Processing meeting, you will be instructed to revisit USA Staffing Onboarding to digitally sign your SF-61 Appointment Affidavit (Oath of Office), and the OF-306 Declaration for Federal Employment (2nd signature, Appointee).
4If you are starting work the first workday of a pay period, attend the New Employee Onboarding Webinar. The invitation will have been emailed to you. If you are unable to attend you will be provided a copy of the Power Point presentation to review. These are currently being offered biweekly.
5If you are eligible for benefits, please complete the questionnaires in USA Staffing Onboarding. You have 60 days to complete your benefit elections. 
6Work with your supervisor and/or sponsor, if assigned, to become familiar with your workspace and facility. Add facility access to personal identity verification (PIV) card, if applicable.
7Receive computer from supervisor (or sponsor) and test personal identity verification (PIV) card to ensure access to DOI Network. If PIV card is not yet issued, request Network Access Waiver from IT with your supervisor.
8If applicable, meet with your supervisor and office timekeeper to coordinate with the local online timekeeping database (Quicktime) administrator to initiate Quicktime account creation/ update. (NOTE: You should receive your first paycheck about three weeks after your start date.) If you are on detail, discuss with your supervisor how to report your time while on the detail, including leave and extra hours requests.
9Review safety/security information (e.g., location of first aid kits, Automated External Defibrillator(s) (AED), alarms, emergency exits and lighting, stairways, interior/exterior staging areas, etc.).

Tasks: First Two Weeks

Your supervisor will show you around the office and introduce you to your colleagues, either virtually or in person, and familiarize you with local office procedures. The following are actions you can expect to complete during the first two weeks on the job.

1If telework eligible, complete the telework training in DOI Talent, and complete the Telework Agreement with your supervisor.
2Learn how to navigate your computer and phone, including how to access email, SharePoint Intranet, Microsoft Teams, voicemail, and any other special programs that may be needed for the job.
3Submit request(s) for your government charge card(s) and complete the required training.
4Review Service and DOI Workplace Policies on the FWS Onboarding Site (Located under the HR dropdown on JAO SharePoint).
5Performance Plan (EPAP): Your supervisor will provide performance expectations and establish a performance plan within your first 30 days on the job. *Schedule a weekly check-in with your supervisor for the first month.
6Determine your tour of duty (work hours and days) with your supervisor and complete Unusual Tour of Duty Form (3-261), if applicable. If the tour of duty does not match what is in the Federal Personnel and Payroll System (FPPS), your supervisor will coordinate updates to FPPS with administrative staff who have access to make FPPS alternative work schedule changes.
7Meet with your office time keeper to confirm the status of your Quicktime account, and learn how to complete your timesheet
8Become familiar with DOI’s learning management system (DOI Talent), where you can register for training, and explore the National Conservation Training Center’s (NCTC) Course Guide. 
9Work with your supervisor to establish your Individual Development Plan (IDP) in DOI Talent; together, decide on the training and developmental activities necessary for your first year. (NOTE: You are required to take FWS Foundations: Discover Your Service within your first year of permanent employment).
10Review the benefit and employee rights information provided to you by HR (e.g., Health Insurance, Life Insurance, Employee Assistance Program).
11Become familiar with your online accounts and refer to internal HR onboarding SharePoint site for more information (e.g., Electronic Official Personnel Folder (eOPF), Employee Express, Quicktime, DOI Talent, Thrift Savings Plan, etc.).