Each year, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service develops an annual budget justification which defines our goals, objectives, and the funding necessary to accomplish them. Once approved, funds are allocated to programs and regions, and monitored to ensure those funds are used as mandated by Congress.

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Budget Formulation & Execution

The Division of Budget and Performance works to formulate the Service's annual budget request to Congress, make appropriated funds available to programs and regions, and ensures that funds are properly spent. The Budget Formulation Branch works with Service leadership, Congress, and the Office of Management and Budget to draft the Service's annual budget request to congress. In addition to working with program offices to make funds available for expenditure, the Budget Execution Branch monitors and reports on obligations of those funds.  The Division of Budget and Performance serves the programs and regions by providing guidance and helping budget officers and staff to use funds as congressionally mandated while complying with federal appropriations laws.  We work closely with program budget staff but do not determine how resources are allocated between programs. 

Organizational Performance Management

Organizational performance management at FWS was developed to streamline business processes and develop a performance based culture.  Our comprehensive performance management solution integrates budgeting and planning processes with financial and performance management solutions.  The integrated framework aligns and cascades performance information from DOI to FWS Programs.  The Service utilized a business intelligence tool that tracks and maintains the Service’s accomplishments for reporting on Government Performance Results Act (GPRA), Agency Priority Goals (APGs) and other internal program measures.

Performance Information Communicates Organizational Success

Required by GPRA Modernization Act, OMB A-11
Why we track and collect this information
Ops Plan / GPRA
  • Communicates relationship and alignment of component programs in achieving bureau and agency performance goals
  • Developed by all programs to capture data about each program's specific contribution to larger outcomes
  • Annual Targeting & reporting (3 times yearly)
Performance Budget
  • OMB and DOI require significant performance data in each budget request
  • Each part of cycle (3 times/year) DOI, OMB, President's Budget
Annual Performance Plan & Report
  • Evolving product - DOI has tweaked format/context each year

    Updates made four times per year:
    • Budget Cycle - DOI; OMB; President's Budget
    • Plus End of Year reports for Organizational Assessment
Agency Priority Goals (APGs)
  • Represent a small number (5-8 for all of DOI) of ambitious,

    outcome-focused performance goals
  • Achievable within a 24-month time frame
  • Quarterly targeting & reporting
DOI Strategic Plan
  • Published Every 4 years (even though 5-year plan)
  • Requirements changed with GPRA Modernization Act

Our Library

Budget Justifications and Performance Information Fiscal Year 2025

The FY 2025 budget represents a holistic approach to conservation and our people, supporting the mental health, wellness, and capacity for law enforcement programs; the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act (NAGPRA); the National Seed Strategy, and improved customer service...