Realty Training

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Division of Realty

5.1 Purpose. This chapter establishes Service requirements, standards, and procedures for training realty personnel.

5.2 Policy. The Service will provide realty personnel with a comprehensive, individually oriented training program to develop the knowledge, skills, and abilities which will ensure the continuation of a high level of realty expertise.

5.3 Scope. The chapter provides for training of realty specialists, appraisers, acquisition biologists (planners), surveyors, and cartographic personnel.

5.4 Training Objectives.

A. Develop Knowledge Base. To ensure a continued knowledge base specific to Service realty programs prior to major personnel losses due to retirements and potential transfers.

B. Identify Replacements. To identify and select for special developmental assignments employees with the potential and desire to compete for future journeymen level realty positions.

C. Promote Training. To develop through formal training and developmental assignments the knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary for each employee to succeed in realty positions.

D. Understand Relationships. To develop the trainee's understanding of the interrelationships within the Realty organization/functions, within the Service's organizations/programs, and with various private and public organizations and interest groups.

E. Promote Quality. To develop a commitment to excellence among realty personnel.

F. Promote Interaction. To provide opportunities for participants to have meaningful interaction with one another, with Service managers, and with other officials.

5.5 Responsibilities.

A. Assistant Director - Refuges and Wildlife is responsible for providing general direction and oversight in the training of realty personnel.

B. Chief, Division of Realty is responsible for:

(1) Encouraging professionalism in the realty program at large and for providing individual career development opportunities to further the objective of this chapter.

(2) Developing training curricula for realty personnel and issuing training notebooks, in consultation with the National Education and Training Center (NETC).

5.6 Training Requirements.

A. All new realty personnel will be entered in a training plan as soon as they enter on duty.

B. All existing realty personnel who are not performing at the journeyman level will be entered in a training plan as soon as practicable.

C. All other realty personnel may be entered at the appropriate level of a training plan with supervisory approval.

D. Administrative, clerical, and technical support personnel who aspire and qualify for realty positions may be entered in a training plan with the approval of the Chief of the Washington or Regional Division of Realty.

5.7 Training Plans.

A. Training plans have been prepared for the following realty positions:

(1) Realty Specialists and Appraisers (Appendix 1.)

(2) Ascertainment Biologists (Appendix 2.)

(3) Cartographic Personnel (Appendix 3.)

(4) Surveyors (Appendix 4.)

B. Training notebooks with more detail about curricula and schedules are available for each of these plans from the Division of Realty or the National Education and Training Center.

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Amended by Decision Memorandum, “Approval of Revisions to ~350 Directives to Remove Gender-Specific Pronouns,” 6/22/2022