Training Plan for Ascertainment Biologists

232 FW 5
Originating Office
National Conservation Training Center

2.1 Phase I - Entry Level Work Assignments. This phase covers the first six months in the Regional Office. Its principal elements are:

A. Orientation

B. On-the-Job Training in Land Acquisition Planning Activities

C. Cross Training in either Realty Management or Appraisal Activities

D. Service Realty Directives

E. Formal Federal and non-Federal Training

2.2 Phase II - Washington Office Orientation. This phase lasts 3 or 4 days, and consists of the following elements:

A. Organization and Functions of the Service

B. Career Development

C. Organization and Functions of the Division of Realty

D. Land Acquisition Process and Funding

E. Legislative Process

F. Public Affairs

G. Training Schedule

2.3 Phase III - Entry Level Advanced Work

Assignments. This phase covers the next 9-1 2 months in the Regional Office. It consists of more complex work assignments and some independent field work, and additional formal training.

2.4 Phase IV - Land Acquisition Planning. This two- week phase of training must be completed before entering Phase V and may or may not be held entirely in the Washington Office. The training course outline is:

A. Day 1. Overview of the Land Acquisition Planning Process and Related Legislation and Executive Orders

B. Day 2. Environmental/NEPA Requirements and Responsibilities of the Secretary of Interior and others.

C. Day 3. Habitat Protection Techniques and Management Methods

D. Day 4. Contaminants and HazMat, Legislation and Regulations, Custodial Services, and the Migratory Bird Conservation Commission

E. Day 5. Land Protection Plans

F. Day 6. Negotiations, Title Evidence/Curative, Title Opinions and Closings

G. Day 7. Surveys, General Plans, and Legal Forms

H. Day 8. Moving Expenses, Trespass and Adverse Claims, and Training and Career Development

I. Days 9-13. OPM's 5-day Congressional Operations Seminar in Washington, D.C.

2.5 Phase V - Journeyperson Level Work Assignments.

This phase covers the next 9-1 2 months in the Regional Office during which the trainee will work under direct supervision. At the end of this period a decision is made on pursuing a career in ascertainment realty management, or appraisal. This phase consists of both journeyperson assignments and advanced formal training.

2.6 Phase VI - Higher Level Advanced Work Assignments. This phase lasts for 2-8 weeks working at or out of the Washington Office. It consists of advanced assignments in ascertainment, as well as further advanced formal training.