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found small mussels placed on a black surface
Descending into murky waters and scouring a silty river bottom are all in a day’s work for the Ohio River Islands National Wildlife Refuge dive team.
a biologist measures the large claw of a blue-green crayfish
At White Sulphur Springs National Fish Hatchery in West Virginia, Service biologists and partners work to conserve the Big Sandy crayfish.
a vibrant orange and blue fish with a contrasting black background
For a small, colorful fish with vibrant orange and blue stripes, the future of its survival in West Virginia and Virginia streams is drastically becoming gray and bleak. The candy darter and its beautiful colors are disappearing from their habitat as pressure increases from a rival fish species...
the frame is filled with bright yellow blossoms of Maximilian sunflowers
Sunflowers first grow straight and fast and wiry to seven feet tall in July and put out leaves as big as hearty pancakes, coarse to the touch. They branch out in masse to what amounts to a bush come August and that is when the first blooms show themselves. Even the most casual observer will note...
A colorful red and blue fish underwater looking into the camera
Search the New River Basin and you may spot a rainbow unlike any other. The bright and sweetly named candy darter flashes vibrant teals, reds, and oranges in the shallow, rocky West Virginia and Virginia streams.

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