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  • Calling for Proposals!!!

    The Service is accepting ESA Section 6 grant proposals for conservation activities benefitting the nation's most imperiled species through Mar. 17.  These federal grants support voluntary conservation projects for both listed and candidate species.

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  • Presenting....the Interagency Interior Redband Conservation Strategy

    Tribal nations, agencies, and organizations across six western states worked together on this strategy to restore redband.  So begins the implementation of coordinated and strategic conservation actions to conserve the species. 

    Read the Strategy

  • Pollinators Forever

    The USPS is showcasing 2 iconic pollinators - the Monarch butterfly and western honeybee - on their 2017 forever stamps!  This pays tribute to the beauty an ecological importance of pollinators.  Learn more about pollinators, and how you can help them, here.

  • A Conservation Gain for Rough Popcornflower!

    This November, the Bureau of Land Management and Oregon Department of Agriculture introduced a new rough popcornflower population on BLM's North Bank Habitat Management Area in Douglas County. This endangered plant has a very small range in southwestern Oregon - so efforts like this are important for its recovery.

  • The Gift of Habitat Restoration

    Just in time for the holidays, the Siuslaw National Forest and partners are receiving $495,000 to restore habitat along Oregon's coast!  Two grants for two projects: the money will be used to manage invasive species on the Oregon dunes and to create healthier streams and forests along the northern coast. 

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The News Room

Conservation Plan for Streaked-Horned Lark Proposed

The Port of Portland is helping to conserve the streaked-horned lark on lands it owns and manages by developing a conservation plan with the Service.  The draft plan and environmental assessment are currently out for public review and comments will be accepted thru Jan 6.  Click here for official Federal Register notice.

Draft Habitat Conservation Plan Environmental Assessment

Species Listing Activity

  • Coastal Butterfly on Path towards Reintroduction

    With the goal of recovering the Oregon silverspot butterfly, we will reintroduce them at Nestucca Bay NWR and Saddle Mtn State Natural Area.  We are proposing special ESA provisions to help alleviate concerns of adjacent landowners. The proposal will publish in the Federal Register Friday, Dec. 23.  Click here for the FR Notice.

    Read the news release.Frequently Asked Questions

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