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  • Grazing Study Results Out

    New research from USGS and Colorado and Utah State Universities shows the effects of livestock grazing on greater sage-grouse populations can be positive or negative depending on the amount of grazing and when grazing occurs.  These results provide valuable scientific information to help with our efforts to conserve sage grouse in ranching communities. 

    Click here to read more and find a link to the published study.

  • Arbor Day Event Saturday 4/29

    Learn about oak trees and the animals that depend on them at the Oregon Zoo's Nature Exploration Station in the new Education Center from 11 -3. Oak experts from around the region will be there to answer all your questions.    

    Find out more

  • OFWO Leader is a Science Champion

    Our State Supervisor, Paul Henson, received the Service's 2016 Science Leadership Award!  Paul champions the use of high quality science in conservation decision-making.  He empowers his staff to do the same and leads by example - advancing reasonable approaches to accomplish conservation goals.  

  • $$$ available thru Wetland Reserve Enhancement Program

    NRCS's voluntary program helps eligible conservation partners protect, restore and enhance critical wetlands on agricultural lands by integrating wetland restoration with working farms and ranchs.  Get your proposal in by April 24!!!  

    Read the Press Release

  • One Step at a Time

    Together, the National Park Service, the Yurok Tribe, and the US Fish and Wildlife Service are proposing to restore condors in California by reintroducing birds into Yurok Ancestral Territory within Redwood National Park.  There are many steps in the planning process - currently, we are reviewing comments received during public scoping.  

    Find more details and get updates by clicking here

The News Room

Sage Grouse Lek Cam is Back

For the third straight year, you can witness the greater sage-grouse strut their stuff via a live-streaming wildlife camera!!!  These birds puff their chests and fan their tail feathers every morning from 5 to 9:00 a.m. PDT. This is for a limited time only - the live camera stops when the males call it quits around May 15.

Watch!!! Learn more about greater sage-grouse

Species Listing Activity

  • Status Review of 138 Species

    The Service is initiating a 5-year review of five Oregon species protected under ESA and opening a 60 day public comment period to solicit new information.  Oregon species include the marbled murrelet, Oregon silverspot butterfly and 3 plants.  Please submit info by June 19, 2017.    

    Read the news bulletin See the complete list

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