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  • California Condors Returning to Pacific Northwest

    The USFWS, National Park Service and the Yurok Tribe announced a final rule that will help facilitate the creation of a new California condor release facility for the reintroduction of condors to Yurok Ancestral Territory and Redwood National Park. News Release

  • Climate Change Resources

    Climate Change presents a challenge for the conservation community and requires the Service to join with partners to apply our collective skills, ingenuity and commitment to conserve our nation's natural resources. Click HERE for a collection of educational information and tools that can help you to be part of the solution. 

  • Drones and Nesting Seabirds Don't Mix

    The number of people using drones at the Oregon Coast is going up, and that's having a negative effect on seabirds nesting on the Oregon islands National Wildlife Refuge. Learn more about this story, including efforts to to help solve this problem.

  • Water Howellia is Delisted

    Something to "howl" about: Thanks to the collaborative efforts of many, with only 107 known occurrences back in 1994, to 307 known occurrences today, the small, aquatic water howellia is no longer at risk of extinction. Federal RegisterNews Release

  • Prairie Plant's Future Looks Golden

    The USFWS is proposing to delist golden paintbrush from the Endangered Species Act due to recovery. The showy bright yellow flowers of golden paintbrush, once rare, again color prairies in the Pacific Northwest with a wash of gold from April to June. FR Notice and News Release 

The News Room

Revisions to Northern Spotted Owl Critical Habitat Proposed

We are proposing a revised critical habitat rule for the northern spotted owl that identifies 204,797 acres of exclusions from the 2012 critical habitat designation. Simultaneously, we are also proposing to withdraw the January 15, 2021 rule that would have excluded 3.4 million acres of critical habitat for the owl. A 60-day public comment period opens July 20 and will close Sept 20, 2021. News Release, Federal Register Notice, FAQs and shapefiles

Species Recovery Activity

  • Fender's Blue Butterfly Reaches Recovery Milestone

    Once thought to be extinct, this butterfly is flying towards recovery. We are proposing to reclassify Fender’s blue butterfly from endangered to threatened with a special rule under section 4(d) of the ESA to provide for the conservation of the species. This announcement opens a 60-day public comment period that closes August 23, 2021.

    Learn more: Their Recovery StoryNews ReleaseFederal Register NoticeHow to Submit Comments


  • Oregon Zoo Partnership

    For many years we've worked with the zoo to conserve locally imperiled species such as Oregon silverspot butterfly, western pond turtle, Taylor's checkerspot butterfly, California condors, and more! We have a full-time interpretive specialist who has worked hand-in-hand with zoo staff in the development of activities, displays and programs designed to communicate our shared conservation messages --- a first for our agency.  

    USFWS will be sharing some of the wildlife conservation education kits normally given at the Zoo through this webpage.

    The first one is online - Make Your Home a Home for Wildlife

    Stay Tuned for more!

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