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  • Firewood Hitchhikers

    The emerald ash borer is a little green insect that can wreak havoc on ash trees.  Luckily it hasn't made its way to Oregon, and we want to keep it that way.  The EAB lays its eggs on ash trees and larvae burrows in for food so its easy to transport in firewood.  But you can help.  When it comes to firewood - keep it local.  Learn more from the Oregon Invasive Species Council  or the Don't Move Firewood Campaign.

  • Got Turtles?

    Oregon’s native western pond turtle and western painted turtle are uncommon and it’s hard for them to find suitable habitat. If you have them on your property already - great!  The Oregon Native Turtle Working Group created a resource to help landowners maintain and even improve turtle habitat.

  • Grab the popcorn!!!

    Freshwaters Illustrated has created a stunning video about the Oregon spotted frog, a federally threatened species, and how partners are coming together in Oregon's Deshutes River Basin to protect it.  Watch the video.

  • A Special Story

    Borax Lake is a unique waterbody located in a remote section of eastern Oregon, and home to a single fish - the Borax Lake chub - and other fasinating creatures.  See the beauty of this lake and its inhabitats by scrolling through this storymap.   

  • Celebrate World Frog Day Like a Royal

    On March 23rd from 9:30-3 at the Oregon Zoo kids can meet princes and princesess, dress up as their favorite amphibian or royalty, and learn how to help frogs in the wild.  We'll be there - educating about endangered frogs.  Come join the party --- fit for frogs and royalty alike!

The News Room

Delisting Proposed for Gray Wolf

Gray wolves no longer meet the definition of threatened or endangered under the ESA.  Therefore, the Service is proposing to return management of all gray wolves to the states and tribes who have been so central to the species’ recovery.  We will seek public comment on this delisting proposal during a 60-day comment period from March 15, 2019 through May 14, 2019.

FR Notice

Species Recovery Activity

  • Green Diamond Candidate Conservation Agreement

    We opened a 30-day public comment period on the Green Diamond Candidate Conservation Agreement to benefit the Pacific fisher.  The National Environmental Policy Analysis (Categorical Exclusion) is also available for review and open to comment.  The announcement is available for Public Inspection at the Federal Register here

    Green Diamond CCAA Site PlanCategorical Exclusion


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