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Listing Not Warranted for Dallas Sideband Snail

The Service was petitioned to list 32 species and subspecies of mollusks in the Pacific Northwest, including the Dalles sideband snail, as threatened or endangered under the ESA. After a review of the best available scientific information, we found that the Dalles sideband snail is not in danger of extinction and is not likely to be in the foreseeable future. The Federal Register notice for this and 16 other species is located HERE.

Species Recovery Activity

  • ODFW, USFWS request wildlife habitat proposals

    Along with Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, we are seeking proposals to restore or protect habitat for northwestern pond turtle, northern red-legged frog, foothill yellow-legged frog, and/or American beaver and other native wildlife in Douglas County's Umpqua River Basin. This funding is available through the Yoncalla Creek Spill Restoration Fund from a settlement for injuries to natural resources resulting from the 1993 diesel spill near Yoncalla. MORE INFO


  • Oregon Zoo Partnership

    For many years we've worked with the zoo to conserve locally imperiled species such as Oregon silverspot butterfly, western pond turtle, Taylor's checkerspot butterfly, California condors, and more! We have a full-time interpretive specialist who has worked hand-in-hand with zoo staff in the development of activities, displays and programs designed to communicate our shared conservation messages --- a first for our agency.  

    USFWS will be sharing some of the wildlife conservation education kits normally given at the Zoo through this webpage.

    The first one is online - Make Your Home a Home for Wildlife

    Stay Tuned for more!

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