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  • Earth Day Event

    Join us at the Oregon Zoo on Sunday, April 22, to celebrate Earth Day and World Fish Migration Day!!!  USFWS staff will be be stationed throughout the zoo -at the Bald Eagles; the Bears, Bobcats, Cougars and Condors; the Nature Exploration Station; and the Great Northwest.   Live salmon, bull trout, and sturgeon will be there representing!!  We hope to see you there.

    Event Details

  • Oregon Gets $$$ to Develop Western State Forest HCP

    The grant will support the initiation phase of a Habitat Conservation Plan, covering all state forest lands west of the Cascades.  Funds will go towards an economic analysis, a baseline data assessment, and policy guidance to inform forest management and HCP planning efforts.  This process is expected to take about 3 years and includes stakeholder engagement - so stay tuned.   

  • Live Lek Cam is Back!!

    These birds are ready for their close-ups.  The lek camera is back again this year (and clearer than before) capturing LIVE video of greater sage-grouse mornings between 5 to 9 AM thru May 15.  See these birds strut their stuff at   

  • A Special Story

    Borax Lake is a unique waterbody located in a remote section of eastern Oregon, and home to a single fish - the Borax Lake chub - and other fasinating creatures.  See the beauty of this lake and its inhabitats by scrolling through this storymap.   

  • Beavers Help Ducks

    ... and other species. Scientists and land managers use beavers to restore stream, wetland, and floodplain habitats. Beavers alter the physical, chemical, and biological characteristics of the surrounding ecosystem when they build dams that impound water and retain sediment.  Check out the updated guidebook to learn how to partner with beavers.

The News Room

Foskett Speckled Dace Proposed Delisting

USFWS published a proposed rule to delist Foskett speckled dace on January 4, 2018.  We announced a 60-day comment period for the public to review and comment on the proposal and to provide additional information. We are also accepting comments on the draft post-delisting monitoring plan. All relevant information received by March 5, 2018, will be considered.  

See the News Release

Species Recovery Activity

  • Taylor's Checkerspot Release


    Last week, 562 caterpillars were released near Corvallis - the first attempt to re-establish the OR population!!!.  This was made possible thanks to our partners at the Oregon Zoo and Coffee Creek Correctional Facility.  

    Read the whole story


  • We have a Winner!

    Oregon's 2018 Jr. Duck Stamp, Best of Show goes to Joyce Chen (age 13) for her beautifully executed oil painting. She'll go on to compete in the National contest later this month. We're rooting for you!!!

    Our Jr. Duck Stamp Conservation and Design Program teaches wetland and waterfowl conservation to K-12 students.  In this program, students explore their natural world, investigating biology and wildlife conservation principles.  They express what they learned by creating a piece of art. 

    Stay tuned... we'll post a gallery of artwork from the talented young artists. 


    Learn about Jr. Duck Stamp in Oregon
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