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  • World Rivers Day Celebration

    Healthy rivers are important to humans and wildlife, and species - such as salmon and beavers- are needed for healthy rivers.  Let's celebrate World Rivers Day at the Oregon Zoo on September 30th. We'll have some educational programming in the Nature Exploration Station!


  • Looking for a "Sign"?

    Brought to you by the Trustees for the New Carissa oil spill... Colorful educational displays are popping up along the Oregon Coast. In all, there's 68 new panels at 26 locations, calling attention to nearby nesting seabirds and shorebirds and how the public can help protect them. 


  • Have Yourself A Daycation!!

    The weather is finally nice and if you're looking for fun, check out The Intertwine Alliance's (we're a proud partner) daycations - a blend of outdoor activities throughout Portland-Vancouver metro area with the perks of city living.  Itineraries mix parks, trails and waterways with urban amenities like pubs, restaurants, and food carts. Check it out!!!!

  • A Special Story

    Borax Lake is a unique waterbody located in a remote section of eastern Oregon, and home to a single fish - the Borax Lake chub - and other fasinating creatures.  See the beauty of this lake and its inhabitats by scrolling through this storymap.   

  • Silverspot at Home

    500 Oregon silverspot caterpillars were released at Saddle Mountain Natural Area - part of a continuing effort to recover the species. Led by Oregon Parks & Recreation, the Service, Oregon Zoo and, Woodland Park Zoo, this follows last summer’s release at Nestucca National Wildlife Refuge.

The News Room

USFWS and NOAA Seek Input on Propsed ESA Reforms

Our agencies have proposed revisions to certain regulations to ensure clarity and consistency. The changes incorporate public input, best science and best practices to improve reliability, regulatory efficiency and environmental stewardship.  You can comment until Sept. 24.  

Read the News Release for how to comment Go to the official webpage

Species Recovery Activity

  • Pups for White River Wolves

    A remote camera on the Warm Springs Indian Reservation captured images of two pups. This marks the first known reproduction by wolves in the northern portion of Oregon’s Cascade Mountains since wolves began returning to the state in the 2000s.


    Find out more about wolves in Oregon


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