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  • Experiment to Recover Spotted Owls Continues

    Initiated in 2013, the Barred Owl Removal Experiment has demonstrated success with declining populations of barred owls and indications of improvment in spotted owl survival.  We are continuing the experiment through Aug 2021 to allow us to validate these initial results. The estimated number of barred owls that would be removed is within what is estimated in the Final EIS.  

    See study update

  • "Bee" on the Lookout

    Combing through vast fields of wildflowers, OFWO biologists and volunteers again searched for the rare Franklin's bumble bee this summer.  This little bee makes its home in northern CA and SE Oregon, but has not been seen since 2006.  Still there is much ground to cover.  Want to learn how to ID your Pacific NW bumble bees? Click HERE.

  • Collaboration Leads to Conservation

    Green Diamond Resource Company and USFWS entered a Candidate Conservation Agreement with Assurances that protects fisher on nearly 500,000 acres of working forest land. It's an important link in a regional range-wide effort to protect the west coast population of the fisher. Check out the News Release!

  • Oregon's Recovery Stories

    The Endangered Species Act was enacted to prevent extinction and help recover imperiled species. To accomplish recovery goals, we work closely with partners to utilize all available ESA tools. When possible, we try to prevent species from being listed in the first place. In Oregon, we've made significant progress in recovering rare and imperiled species. 

    Link to the StoryMap

  • Wolf Recovery Going Strong in Oregon

    As confirmed by trail camera photos of a newly discovered group of 3 wolves in the Oregon Cascades on the Umpqua NF. In just over 10 years, Oregon has gone from documenting its first packs to a minimum number of 137 wolves in 16 packs at the end of 2018.  Go to the ODFW wolf page for more info.

The News Room

Protection Proposed for Rare Bumble Bee

Although Franklin’s bumble bee has always been uncommon, this species has declined severely since the late 1990s.  It has not been seen in the wild since 2006 and is at high risk of extinction. To protect Franklin's bumble bee, the USFWS is proposing to list it under the ESA as an endangered species

Read the News Release and FAQs.

Species Recovery Activity

  • Foskett Delisted

    Oregon's on a roll recovering endangered fish! Foskett speckled dace will be removed from the Endangered Species List - the fourth Oregon fish removed or proposed for removal within the last 5 years!  The key to its successful recovery is the collaborative efforts of ODFW, BLM, and other members of the Oregon Desert Fishes Working Group who secured and restored habitat to ensure its long-term protection.

    Check out the Final RuleNews Release, FAQs, and video of Foskett’s recovery story.


  • Oregon Zoo Partnership

    For many years we've worked with the zoo to conserve locally imperiled species such as Oregon silverspot butterfly, western pond turtle, Taylor's checkerspot butterfly, California condors, and more... We also have a full-time interpretive specialist at the zoo, working hand-in-hand with zoo staff in the development of activities, displays and programs designed to communicate our shared conservation messages --- a first for our agency.  

    Vulture Awareness Day
    Sept 7, 2019

    World Rivers Day/Lamprey Exhibit 
    Sept 29, 2019

    October 19, 20, 26, & 27


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