The Lower Snake River Compensation Plan is a cooperative hatchery program to return salmon and steelhead to the Snake River Basin.

About Us

Our office administers U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service funding for the Program's hatchery operations, their maintenance, hatchery program evaluations. We direct and work with the Program's federal, state, and tribal partners to meet the Plan's hatchery program mitigation goals, and ensure all activities are conducted in a safe environment and comply with federal regulations and tribal trust responsibilities.

What We Do

Lower Snake River Compensation Plan federal, tribal, and state hatcheries produce and release salmon, steelhead, and resident rainbow trout as part of the program's mitigation responsibility. The Program's mitigation goals include returning 55,100 adult steelhead, 58,700 adult spring/summer Chinook salmon, and 18,300 fall Chinook salmon to the Snake River. To mitigate lost angler days for resident species, our hatcheries stock about 86,000 pounds of rainbow trout into inland lakes and ponds close to the project area.

Our ten hatcheries are operated by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Idaho Department of Fish and Game, the Oregon Department, of Fish and Wildlife, and the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife. Together they annually raise and release over 16.8 million salmon, steelhead and rainbow trout.

In addition, a network of 14 satellite facilities in Idaho, Oregon, and Washington associated with the program's hatcheries provide opportunities for acclimating our hatcheries' juvenile salmon, steelhead trout, and rainbow trout prior to their release, and help staff trap returning adult salmon and steelhead for spawning.

Projects and Research

  • Fish Production
  • Fish Health Management
  • Monitoring and Evaluation Studies
  • Hatchery Review

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