Projects and Research

We use science and innovative technology to drive the management and conservation of aquatic resources. We help facilitate multi-agency collaborations to conserve, protect, and enhance aquatic resources for the American people.

Noteworthy accomplishments include:

  • Development of Restoring America's Greatest River Plan to restore natural resources in the 2.7 million-acre, leveed floodplain of the Lower Mississippi River. To date over 100 miles of secondary channel habitat along the Lower Mississippi River have been rehabilitated.
  • Providing for long-term economic, environmental, and public recreation benefits to the region by cooperatively addressing aquatic resource management issues.
  • Coordination with partners to develop Lower Mississippi River Basin Invasive Carp Control Strategy Framework, which includes the Arkansas, Red and White River Sub-basins to support the implementation of the National Asian Carp Plan.
  • Primary partner in the Lower Mississippi River Resource Assessment, the region’s first comprehensive natural resources study in decades. The assessment covers information needs, habitat needs, recreation and access needs.