What We Do

Experts at the Lamar Fish Health Center are working to detect, diagnose, and prevent the spread of aquatic diseases in order to keep our wild and hatchery fish healthy. Biologists work to forecast new emerging diseases, and facilitate rapid response teams in order to control and contain new diseases when they do occur. Lamar Fish Health Center works with other across the country and across international boundaries to implement the Service’s Aquatic Animal Health Plan and Wild Fish Health Survey. 

Management and Conservation

The Lamar Fish Health Center provides service to federal, tribal, state, and commercial fishery programs and partners. Three major areas of responsibility include: inspection testing services for hatchery facilities to facilitate annual health certifications; diagnostic assistance for chronic or acute health problems in cultured and wild stock; and the National Wild Fish Health Survey to detect, monitor and determine the distribution of fish pathogens in free-ranging fish populations.

Our Services

Our staff scientists provide the following services, and expertise in:

  • parasitology
  • virology and cell culture
  • molecular biology
  • microbiology and bacteriology
  • diagnostic and fish disease screening 
  • fish disease treatment recommendations
  • fish veterinary services
  • disease prevention and containment guidelines
  • biosecurity planning
  • aquaculture 

Our Projects and Research