A collection of reports, studies and other products from the Arizona Fish and Wildlife Conservation Office.


Apache Trout Species Status Assessment_2022.pdf

This Species Status Assessment (SSA) provides a science-based assessment of the species needs, current conditions, and future conditions of Apache Trout (Oncorhynchus apache).  The document was prepared by Trout Unlimited together with a core team of representatives from tribal,...

Monitoring Humpback Chub in the Colorado River in Grand Canyon During fall 2021.pdf

Each fall, AZFWCO and partners study populations of endangered Humpback Chub (Gila Cypha) on the mainstem Colorado River in Marble and Grand Canyons. This report documents the fall 2021 trip in the context of past findings and future recommendations.

Mark-Recapture and Fish Monitoring Activities in the Little Colorado River in Grand Canyon from 2000-2022.pdf

Since 2000, AZFWCO has conducted studies in the lower 13.57 river kilometers (rkm) of the Little Colorado River (LCR) to estimate abundance and track trends in abundance of the Humpback Chub (Gila cypha), and to monitor other fishes. This report documents Mark-Recapture and Fish...

Bulkhead Cove Sodium Sulfite Treatment Monitoring

Report on the effectiveness of sodium sulfite as a piscicide for removal of non-native fish from native fish habitat.