sunflowers in foreground with the Rocky Mountain in the background
  • Blue Grama

    Blue grama seedheads resemble eyelashes

    Blue grama's comb-shaped seedheads resemble eyelashes.

  • Plains Cottonwood

    Cottonwood tree and prairie grasses in spring

    Cottonwood trees line the Refuge's lakes and streams.

  • Prickly Poppy

    Close up of a prickly poppy with its white petals

    Prickly poppy is commonly seen throughout the short-grass prairie.

  • Rocky Mountain Bee Plant

    Rocky mountain bee plant bush with its tall, pinkish flowers

     Bees and insects enjoy the rich nectar from the Rocky Mountain bee plant's blossoms and the seeds are often consumed by mourning doves.

  • Rubber Rabbitbrush

    Green rubber rabbitbrush in bloom with yellow flowers

    The rubber rabbitbrush flowers June to September.

  • Sand Bluestem

    Golden rust color of tall Sand Bluestem grasses in autumn

     Sand bluestem is one of the taller grasses on the Refuge and can reach heights of up to seven feet.

  • Showy Milkweed

    With its green stalk and leaves, showy milkweed is pink and its flower makes a five-pointed star pattern

    The flower of the showy milkweed makes a five pointed star pattern.

  • Sideoats Grama

    Side oats grama is a think grass and its florets appear to hang on the seed stalk on one side

    Sideoats grama gets its name from the oat-like florets that appear to hang on the seed stalk on one side.