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3/7/2016: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Revises its Policy on Mitigating Impacts of Development to Further Conservation of the N...
3/3/2016: JetBlue and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Announce New Partnership to Reduce Demand for Illegal Wildlife Trade
3/3/2016: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Proposes Delisting Yellowstone Grizzly Bear Due To Recovery
3/2/2016: Service Announces Congressionally Enacted Changes to Coastal Barrier Resource System Maps
2/29/2016: Happy Birthday, National Wildlife Refuge System!
2/29/2016: ¡Feliz cumpleaños, Sistema Nacional de Refugios de Vida Silvestre! 113 años conservando la naturaleza y sirviendo a las...
2/19/2016: Updated Policy Re-affirms Federal-State Collaboration on Implementing the ESA
2/19/2016: In a City’s Tough Streets, a Charismatic Native Sells Kids on Nature
2/19/2016: En las hostiles calles de una ciudad, una carismática joven nativa enseña a los niños a apreciar la naturaleza
2/12/2016: Service Proposes Delisting Three Fox Subspecies on Northern Channel Islands Due to Recovery, Highlighting Historic Enda...
2/9/2016: President’s FY 2017 Budget Request of $1.6 Billion for U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Highlights National Conservation ...
2/5/2016: Federal Agencies Finalize Revised Rules to Improve Implementation of the Endangered Species Act
2/3/2016: Kids! Take Part in the 2016 Saving Endangered Species Youth Art Contest
2/2/2016: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Announces Over $20 Million in Grants to Conserve Coastal Wetlands
1/21/2016: Service Seeks Comments on a Proposal to Remove Two Australian Parakeets from the Endangered Species List
1/20/2016: Revised Policy Strengthens Service–Native American Tribal Collaboration for Conservation of Shared Natural Heritage
1/14/2016: Service Announces Draft Methodology for Prioritizing Endangered Species Act Status Reviews
1/13/2016: Protections Finalized for Threatened Northern Long-Eared Bats
1/12/2016: Service Lists 201 Salamander Species as Injurious to Help Keep Lethal Fungus Out of U.S.
1/12/2016: Super Bird Fests 2016
1/11/2016: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Announces Findings for 17 Endangered Species Act Petitions
12/23/2015: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Releases 2015 List of Candidates for Endangered Species Act Protection
12/21/2015: Endangered Species Act Listing Protects Lions in Africa and India, Director’s Order Strengthens Wildlife Import Restric...
12/10/2015: Fish and Wildlife Service Proposes Improvements to 50 Year-old Regulations Governing Oil and Gas Development on Refuge ...
12/10/2015: Service Proposes 2016-17 Migratory Bird Hunting Season Frameworks

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