PSE Lower Snake River / Hopkins Ridge Eagle Incidental Take Draft EA

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PSE Lower Snake River / Hopkins Ridge Eagle Incidental Take Draft EA
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Eagle Coordinator/Raptor Biologist
Migratory Birds,
Migratory Bird Permits
Bird Biology, Conservation, Management, Monitoring, Habitat Management and Restoration,
Renewable Energy, Human/Raptor Conflicts, Eagle Compensatory Mitigation,
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Raptor and Energy Lead
Migratory Birds,
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Human/Raptor Conflicts,
Eagle Take Permits,
Electrical Transmission and Renewable Energy,
Fatality Monitoring,
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Birds surround two herring fishing boats
The purpose of Migratory Bird Permits is to promote long-term conservation of migratory birds and their habitats and encourage joint stewardship with others.
A large bird with brown feathers, white head, and yellow beak flies against a pale blue sky
The Migratory Bird Program works with partners to protect, restore and conserve bird populations and their habitats for the benefit of future generations by: ensuring long-term ecological sustainability of all migratory bird populations, increasing socioeconomic benefits derived from birds,...
Bald eagle and golden eagle
Forty years ago, our national symbol, the bald eagle, was in danger of extinction throughout most of its range. Habitat destruction and degradation, illegal shooting, and the contamination of its food source, largely as a consequence of DDT, decimated the eagle population. Habitat protection...
Bald eagle up close with wing raised

A large raptor, the bald eagle has a wingspread of about seven feet. Adults have a dark brown body and wings, white head and tail, and a yellow beak. Juveniles are mostly brown with white mottling on the body, tail, and undersides of wings. Adult plumage usually is obtained by the sixth year. In...

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