Facility Activities

If you or your group would like a tour of the facility, please call ahead to schedule this so that we can adjust plans accordingly and make time in the daily project list to be able to show you around and answer questions in more depth. You can reach the hatchery at (541) 553-1692.


The Visitor Center is located right on the banks for the Warm Springs River. Picnic tables are available for visitors to enjoy a picnic while visiting.

Fish Viewing

The hatchery has a wonderful Visitor Center with interpretive panels that explain hatchery operations, offer opportunities for fish viewing, and explain Tribal culture. 

Wildlife Watching

The hatchery is located in the heart of central Oregon; offering sweeping, rugged landscape to visitors. Keep your eyes open for typical wildlife that one might see in such a setting. Wild horses, coyote, skunk, deer, and more.


The hatchery is located in wide, open central Oregon. This is home to an array of both song birds and birds of prey. Watch closely and maybe you will be lucky to see some of these beauties.


The hatchery is located in the picture-perfect central Oregon, which is known for it's rugged beauty. Take time to enjoy the vast views that change with every corner turned while you drive to the hatchery!

Education Programs

Please contact our Information and Education Office at (509) 493-2934 with questions about our Education Program opportunities, or to schedule a hatchery visit!