Ed Hastings Memorial Trail

Open: Year Round

Length: 1.8 miles

Difficulty:  Easy

Parking:  Hikers may park on the side of the hatchery entrance road. Hikers are advised to park before the entrance gate as the gate is locked when the hatchery is closed.

The Hastings Trail begins at an informational kiosk located adjacent to the parking area. The trail is blazed with green diamond markers and meanders through spruce and northern hardwood forests where visitors come upon many of Maine’s unique ecological and historical resources. Nearly all of these forest types have been harvested at some point in the past and are important nesting habitats for a large number of passerine birds. Key points of interest are highlighted with interpretive signs. The trail passes glacial erratics, vernal pools and old cellar holes and rewards visitors with a bench overlooking Green Lake. Spurs in the trail allow visitors access to the hatchery. 

Heavy snow at the Ed Hasting Memorial Trail Entrance

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