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Paige Najvar.

The big state of Texas is home to one of the world's tiniest toads. Unfortunately, rapid declines in its population make it challenging for this imperiled species to survive. Fortunately, the Houston toad has Paige Najvar ...

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What We Do

The Ecological Services Program is a leader in conserving our nations' imperiled species and their habitats, ensuring that sustainable populations of fish, wildlife, and plants continue to thrive for future generations.

Where We Work

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With offices in all 50 states, the Ecological Services Program is working with you to meet the challenge of conserving the nature of America. Click on the map to find an Ecological Services Field Office in your state.

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The Uvea parakeet is one of 20 foreign candidate species for Endangered Species Act protection. Credit: Wikimedia Commons
Service Releases 2016 List of Candidate Foreign Species Under Endangered Species Act

The Service today released its Candidate Notice of Review of Foreign Species, a yearly appraisal of the current status of foreign plants and animals that are considered candidates for protection under the Endangered Species Act. Candidate species are those for which the Service has enough information on their status and threats to propose them as threatened or endangered, but developing a proposed rule to add them to the federal lists of threatened and endangered wildlife and plants is precluded by higher priority listing actions.
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Last updated: October 24, 2016