Inland Oil Spill Response for DOI


Target Audience:

Department of Interior personnel whose responsibilities include overseeing, planning, or participating in an inland spill response.

Summary and Objectives:

The purpose of the training is to prepare agencies within the Department of the Interior to plan for and respond to inland oil spills. Participants learn agency roles in inland oil spills affecting resources under the trusteeship of the Department of the Interior. Response procedures are described for inland and freshwater environments. Emphasis is placed on planning for an emergency response and coordinating the multi agency response within the Incident Command System as led by EPA. Topics covered include: regulations under OPA 90; Area Contingency Plans; NRDA response coordination; science of oil spills; shoreline cleanup assessment technique (SCAT); health and safety requirements for spill response; wildlife rescue and rehabilitation operations; and emerging risks. An in-depth Incident Command System (ICS) spill drill exercise will expose participants to several roles in all aspects of coordination, communication, and decision making using guidelines and authorities of ICS. Working effectively with Tribes and State partners will be emphasized. Participants with current HAZWOPER certification can obtain their required OSHA 8-hour refresher training for hazardous waste workers during this course.

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Describe spill response, oil behavior, and cleanup techniques.
  • Learn OSHA training and safety requirements for spill response workers.
  • Understand the roles and responsibilities of DOI Bureau personnel in spill response and how DOI coordinates during an incident.
  • Operate effectively within a SCAT team.
  • Demonstrate spill-response reporting procedures required by the Department of the Interior.
  • Demonstrate all knowledge skills necessary to be performed by DOI Bureau personnel before, during and after an inland spill incident.

Competency Addressed:

Environmental Compliance - Intermediate, Safety, Health, & Emergency Management - Intermediate, Planning and Evaluating - Intermediate, Health and Safety Awareness - Intermediate.

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36.0 hours
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