FWS Non-Fire Chainsaw Safety Train-the-Trainer Course


Target Audience:

Non-Fire Chainsaw operators who have been nominated to attend instructor certification training. 

Summary and Objectives:

This training will certify Non-Fire Chainsaw Operators to conduct the FWS Non-Fire Chainsaw Safety Course in accordance with Service Manual Chapter 241 FW 12, "Chain Saw Safety". The Non-Fire Chainsaw Safety course provides Service employees with chainsaw safety training and ensures they can demonstrate proficiency before operating a chainsaw. 

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to: 

  • Use instructional techniques and develop class management skills for the conduct of the FWS Non-Fire Chainsaw Safety course.
  • Conduct classroom and field components of the FWS Non-Fire Chainsaw Safety course, emphasizing instructional goals and objectives. 
  • Safety and efficiently conduct the FWS Non-Fire Chainsaw Safety course.

Competency Addressed: 

Safety - Basic, Safety, Health, & Emergency Management - Basic, Oral Communication - Basic, Risk Management - Basic, Reaches Others - Intermediate

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36.0 hours
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Cambridge, MD

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