Coastal Program

Welcome to the Coastal Program

The Coastal Program is one of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s most effective resources for restoring and protecting fish and wildlife habitat on public and privately-owned lands. We play an important role in promoting the Service’s mission and priorities, delivering landscape-scale conservation, and implementing strategic habitat conservation.

We are located in 24 priority coastal areas, along the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, Gulf of Mexico, Great Lakes, and in the Caribbean. Working with partners, locally-based staff provide technical assistance for habitat conservation design and planning, and financial assistance for habitat restoration and protection projects.

Quick Resources

2018 Marine Program Poster

Marine Program Poster

Marine Program poster. Illustrated by Virginia Greene.

2018 Coastal Program Brochure

Coastal Program Poster

Coastal Program poster. Illustrated by Virginia Greene.

Farm Bill Brochure

Coastal Program Vision

The National Strategic Plan presents the goals of the Coastal Program, and the geographic focus areas where we concrete our habitat conservation efforts.

accomplishment report

2020 Accomplishment Report

National summary of our 2020 conservation efforts, with regional summaries, and highlighted projects and activities.

National Coastal Wetland Convervation Grant Progam Factsheet

Wetland Conservation Grant Program

Guide to the National Coastal Wetland Conservation Grant Program

Farm Bill Brochure

Guide to Farm Bill Conservation Programs

Guide to Farm Bill conservation programs with Coastal Program and Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program project examples.

Investing In Nature

Investing in Nature

From the pure pleasure of experiencing it, to the food and water it provides us, the value of nature is in one sense priceless.

Restoring Island Ecosystems

Restoring Island Ecocystems

There have been over 1,000 invasive species removal projects on islands worldwide. The Coastal Program and Island Conservation have prepared a Restoring Island Ecosystems brochure that highlights several examples of successful invasive removal projects.