The Coastal Program provides a range of outreach products and reports.  


The Coastal Program brochure highlights the importance of coastal habitats and Coastal Program with infographics and statistics.
Collection of the Coastal Program Accomplishment Reports. These reports highlight the passion and commitment of our employees and partners to conserving natural habitats for fish, wildlife, and people.
Farm Bill Brochure cover page with a farm and blue skies in the background.

Guide to Farm Bill conservation programs with Coastal Program and Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program project examples.

Visitors to tidal marsh on Freshwater Farms Reserve

This factsheet is geared toward increasing understanding of the National Coastal Wetlands Conservation Grant Program and to increase application submissions from the conservation community. This factsheet was prepared in collaboration with Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration Program.

Here you can find resources from across the Fish and Wildlife Service about threatened or endangered species.