The 19th meeting of the Conference of the Parties (CoP19) to CITES took place in Panama City, Panama, November 14-25, 2022. Read the outcomes of species proposals, including those sponsored or co-sponsored by the U.S. (highlighted in yellow). On January 12, 2023, the CITES Secretariat also issued a Notification to the Parties detailing Amendments to Appendices I and II of the Convention adopted by the Conference of the Parties at CoP19.

Meetings of the CoP provide an opportunity for representatives from all CITES Parties as well as non-governmental organizations and other stakeholders to participate in determining the future of CITES. At CoPs, the Parties consider proposals to amend the CITES Appendices and make decisions on implementation and enforcement of CITES. CoPs are held approximately every three years and are usually hosted by a member Party.

News and Stories

Read more about the species and amendments that the United States is currently prioritizing at CITES CoP19 to balance species conservation and trade.

U.S. Submissions

A list of the proposals supported by the United States to amend CITES Appendices I and II, in accordance with the provisions of Article XV.

Federal Register Notices

Find announcements on the availability of tentative U.S. negotiating positions on species proposals, draft resolutions and decisions, and agenda items for consideration.

Species Spotlight

Read more about species the United States prioritized at CoP19, including the conservation threats they face.

Watch CITES CoP19 Live

Watch the CoP live from Panamá. Follow the latest updates in real time through the CITES YouTube channel. Links will be available here during CoP19.

Staff Profiles

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has been designated to carry out the provisions of CITES. Learn more about the Service's leaders on CITES.


Previous Updates

Prior to CoP19, we posted tentative U.S. negotiating positions for proposed resolutions, decisions, and amendments to the CITES Appendices (species proposals), as well as other agenda items submitted by other Parties, the permanent CITES committees, and the CITES Secretariat for consideration at CoP19.

We announced the availability of these tentative negotiating positions through a Federal Register Notice.

We held a virtual public meeting on September 6, 2022, 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm Eastern Daylight Time (EDT), to give the public an opportunity to learn more about and provide comments to be used in the development of U.S. negotiating positions for CoP19. For those unable to participate, we are providing a recording and transcript of the meeting. Additional information can be found in our Federal Register Notice of August 22, 2022.

We published species proposals and other documents sponsored and co-sponsored by the United States for CoP19. 

We published recommendations received from the public concerning proposed amendments to the CITES Appendices (species proposals) that the United States considered submitting for CoP19, provided additional information, and invited your comments and information on the proposals. We thank you for your input.

We also published updated information on how U.S. nongovernmental organizations can attend CoP19 as observers.

The 19th regular meeting of the Conference of the Parties (CoP19) took place in Panama City, Panama, November 14-25, 2022. Learn more about CoP19 preparation and the meetings of the CoP.