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Conserving the Nature of America
Several rams make a run for the mountains
Several rams make a run for the mountains. Credit: USFWS

When Bighorn Sheep Fly

December 18, 2018

Thirty-four wild bighorn sheep recently took wing during a trip from San Andres National Wildlife Refuge to the Sacramento Mountains of the Lincoln National Forest near Alamogordo, New Mexico. Their journey, which involved a helicopter ride, is part of a partnership effort to establish a brand new population of the once-declining species. As this population grows and becomes stable, it will provide opportunities for wildlife viewing, hunting and nature photography
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Charlie Wooley, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Acting Midwest Regional Director at Plum Island, sits sidways on a peir facing towards the camera with Lake Michigan in the backdrop.
Charlie Wooley, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Acting Midwest Regional Director at Plum Island, Wisconsin on Lake Michigan. Credit: Tina Shaw/USFWS

Service Official is President's Pick for Canada-U.S. Fishery Commission

December 14, 2018
Acting Midwest Regional Director Charlie Wooley has been picked by the President as the Federal Commissioner representing the United States on the Great Lakes Fishery Commission. Wooley joins three other commissioners of the United States.
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California condor in flgiht.
California condor chick #933 taking flight in Santa Barbara County. Credit: Santa Barbara Zoo

California Condor Chick Sets Milestones in Santa Barbara County

December 11, 2018
For the first time in more than three decades, an endangered California condor chick has successfully fledged from a cliff-side nest in Santa Barbara County.  Last month, condor number 933 took its first short flight after being raised by its parents for six months in the northern Santa Barbara backcountry of Los Padres National Forest. This chick represents another milestone in the condor recovery program: the first second-generation wild fledgling in Southern California. Its father fledged from the Santa Barbara backcountry in 1980.
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