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Water Howellia Delisted from Endangered Species Act Due to Recovery: FR Notice and News Release (6/15/21)

Proposal to List Mount Rainier White-tailed Ptarmigan as Threatened:
The Service is seeking public comment on a proposed rule to list the bird as threatened under the Endangered Species Act.  FR Notice and News Release. (6/14/21)

USFWS Seeks Public Comment for Streaked Horned Lark ESA Listing Status: News Release and FR Notice (4/12/21)



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The Hyporheic Zone

  • Video Reveals Little Known World of Riverbeds

    Not all that you see when you look at a river is above ground.  There is a hidden world that exists beneath the bottom, in the vast network of interconnected spaces between the pebbles that make up the streambed.  Scientists call this the hyporheic zone.  The hyporheic zone is a place where water flowing in the stream channel percolates down into the streambed, mixes with groundwater, and reemerges to join the surface water somewhere downstream.  The hyporheic zone is important because it helps to cool, filter, and cleanse the stream water, and also because strange, vital things are living there.

    Watch “The Secret Life of Rivers,” a short video introduction to the world of the hyporheic zone. 

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