Special Hunt Programs

Special Hunts

KBNWRC Youth/Junior Waterfowl Hunting

The Klamath Basin Refuge Complex hunt program is pleased to offer several special hunts for the education of our youth.  These hunts are held on both the California and Oregon portions of the Complex for youth ages 17 and under to hunt ducks and geese.  All youth hunters must be accompanied by an adult 18 years of age or older. Only licensed youth hunters will be allowed to carry firearms in the field. All areas normally open to waterfowl hunting on Tule Lake and Lower Klamath Refuges will be open for youth hunts with the following exception:  Un-harvested fields with standing grain or other crops will not be open even in areas normally open to hunting.  The daily draw areas of Tule Lake Refuge will be open as a free roam area during these hunts. Youth hunters 15 and under are not required to purchase a Recreation Pass to hunt the Tule Lake and Lower Klamath NWRs.  Adults accompanying youth hunters for the pre-season hunt do not require a Recreation Pass.  However, all persons 16 and over must possess a Recreation Pass while in the field during the regular waterfowl & pheasant seasons.

Pre-season Youth Hunt:   This hunt is a two day event offered to youth hunters in September, fourteen (14) days prior to the opening of the general waterfowl season. Entry time onto the Refuges is 4:30 a.m. unless otherwise posted and shoot times correspond to State regulations. 

General Season Youth Hunts:     Three additional youth hunts take place on the second and third Saturdays of the general waterfowl season as well as the Saturday after Thanksgiving.  These hunts begin at 1:00 p.m. to the end of State regulated shoot time.

 Women's Waterfowl Hunt

The second and third Saturdays of the waterfowl season the Lower Klamath and Tule Lake Refuges will be open from 1:00 pm to the end of State regulated shoot time for women and youth to hunt waterfowl. If you are a woman or youth who would like to hunt but do not have equipment or experience please contact the Refuge, we will put you in touch with a guide or volunteer who would be more than happy to assist you. (Guides may charge a fee for services) 

CWA Disabled Veteran's Hunt

We are excited to partner with the Redding chapter of California Waterfowl Association (CWA) to host a special hunt for disabled veterans; this hunt is held in early November each year with a special dinner pre-arranged.  Hunt sign up is required through CWA, for more information please contact the Redding chapter of CWA. 

Veteran's and Active Military Personnel Waterfowl Hunt 

Veterans (as defined in Section 101 of Title 38, United States Code) and members of the Armed Forces on active duty, including members of the National Guard and Reserves on active duty (other than training), may participate. Persons participating in this special hunt must possess and present upon demand verification of eligibility to participate in this hunt. Verification includes: Veteran’s ID Card and/or Military ID Card for active duty, or a State issued driver’s license or Identification Card with Veteran Designation. Hunters must also have in their possession all State, Federal and Refuge licenses, stamps, validations and passes while hunting on the Refuges.  2020 Season dates are as follows: Oregon - February 5, 2022; California - January 15 & 16 (Ducks only), please see your State regulation booklets for specific information.


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