March Artist in Residence

I love New England landscapes and feel very fortunate to live in this area. The open skies and the mountains, the ocean and the forests with rivers and lakes give me endless inspiration. The abundance of nature and its color and light variations never cease to amaze me and my art is an attempt to document my perception of it. Animals are another subject that is dear to my heart and I try my best to show their individual personalities in my depictions of them. My favorite medium is oil, but I also work in acrylics, watercolors and pastels. When possible I prefer to paint outdoors or to do small studies to use as a reference for studio paintings. Art education: Grekov Art school for children (Odessa, Ukraine) where I grew up. Practicing and learning on my own and taking classes and workshops with talented local artists.

Parker River Wildlife Refuge has been my “Happy Place” for many years now, and I am thrilled to have an exhibit at the Visitor’s Center.

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