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The western United States’ sagebrush country encompasses over 175 million acres of public and private lands. The sagebrush landscape provides many benefits to our rural economies and communities, and it serves as crucial habitat for a diversity of wildlife, including the iconic greater sage-grouse and over 350 other species.

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Brittany the Black-tailed Jackrabbit
Mimi the Medusahead 
Chuck the Cheatgrass 
Bart the American Badger
Frank the Sagebrush Cicada
Captain Sparkles the Meadowhawk Dragonfly
Billy the Long-billed Curlew
Sunny the Rabbitbrush
Pearce the Pronghorn
Todd the Ferruginous Hawk
Shayne the Short-eared Owl
Pearl the Bighorn Sheep 

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Over 350 species rely on sagebrush for food and shelter across 11 western states. This story highlights some of those species and is part of a collaborative social media campaign which ran from March 20-31, 2023. For more profiles (including those from other partners), search #SwipeSagebrush or #SagebrushCountry on Instagram.

Check out our Sagebrush Conservation Web Page to learn more about our work in sagebrush, including how funding from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law is benefitting these efforts.

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