October Artist in Residence

Mary Jane Marcucci’s art has evolved to primarily en plain air studies, many of them pastel impressions. Long fascinated by the interaction of air, light, and space in familiar landscapes, she seeks to capture the unity of environmental energy rather than literal representation. Disciplined use of color within positive and negative space results in strong compositions revealing the inherent uniqueness in balance with the universal. The approach is reminiscent of the Japanese Art of Impermanence, wabi-sabi celebrating “the ugly in the beautiful and the beautiful in the ugly”. The viewer’s gaze is upon the essential truths of nature itself and the tight balance that ever exists in the natural world.

Mj expresses special thanks to faithful friends whose encouragement and confidence in her work have been a secret strength. Deeply appreciative of her family’s nurturing creativity over generations, Mj proudly stands midstream between those who preceded her and the remarkable children and grandchildren making their own way forward in time and space. She believes in the future is in good hands.

Recreational Activities