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Three generations of ladies pose by the hatchery trailhead before heading our on the three-mile hike. At the end of the hike, grandma reported that the wheelchair worked perfectly, was a little bumpy but she could never have hiked three miles with her grandchildren without the chair.

When you think of hatcheries, the first thing that comes to mind is obviously fish. In fact, Iron River National Fish Hatchery produces approximately 1.4 million yearling fish for restoration purposes in the upper Great Lakes every year. But we offer more to the visiting public than touring the facilities to view the main mission of the hatchery.

Iron River encompasses 1,200 acres of land to protect our water supply and one of our goals is to provide rewarding experiences that lead to repeat visitation and usage of our public land. The hatchery offers a beautiful pavilion and picnic area with a playground, a 3.5 mile maintained hiking trail that is groomed in the winter for cross country skiing, a snowshoe lending program and a three quarter mile long  3D archery range. We also offer various youth and mentored hunts. All these amenities are wonderful and heavily used but are not readily accessible to people with mobility issues.

Introducing…the tracked wheelchair lending program! Iron River National Fish Hatchery and the Friends of the Iron River National Fish Hatchery partnered to purchase a tracked wheelchair for use on hatchery grounds for anyone with mobility issues. The Friends Group received an outpouring of generous donations from the community to reach their fundraising goals. The chair is adjustable to a wide range of body sizes making it a versatile machine for both youth and adults. The tracks are rugged and perfect for both winter and summer use. (The only two seasons in northern Wisconsin.) It is recharged by plugging into a 110-outlet, comes with adjustable 4-point harnesses, multiple cup holders and pouches and a gun holder for users interested in hunting during open seasons. Patrons can pop in during normal work hours and use the chair as needed or call to make a reservation for after hours and weekend use. We are excited to provide this service to the community. The smiles say it all!

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