Hunting Opportunities at Muscatatuck
Muscatatuck is a great place to hunt

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Many types of hunting are permitted at Muscatatuck and generally state regulations apply although there are a few more restrictive regulations.  Hunting is permitted in areas marked with "Public Hunting Area" signs.The Refuge Hunting Leaflet contains all the information you need to know about hunting on the refuge.  Hunters may only be present on the refuge from one hour before sunset to one hour after sunset. Parking is permitted in parking areas or on roadsides so long as not part of the vehicle is in the road. Blocking trails or levees is prohibited.  

Deer Hunting

Archery deer hunting is permitted in certain areas during the state season except during muzzleloader deer season.  A draw deer hunt is held for muzzleloader deer hunting in the hunting area and the drawing is handled by the Indiana Department of Natural Resources.The application deadline is usually mid-August but check the DNR website ( for more information on dates.  A special youth deer hunt is held during the state youth hunting weekend in September and it is also by drawing.  Hunters may apply on the Indiana DNR website.  Deer stands and blinds may be be used but must be removed daily.  Deer can be hunted with archery equipment and muzzle loader rifles.  During the youth deer hunting weekend hunters may use state approved firearms for public lands. 





Turkey Hunting

Turkey hunting is only allowed in the spring and is by draw only the first 6 days of the season.  The drawing is done by the Indiana DNR and applications can be made through their website.  Only non-toxic shot is permitted for turkey hunting.  A special youth turkey hunt is also held during the state youth hunting weekend in April and that is also by draw through the Indiana DNR website.  No fall turkey hunting is permitted.

Other Hunting

Waterfowl hunting is permitted in Area B on the refuge hunting leaflet and takes place in an area of wet woods just north of the Muscatatuck River and south of Lake Linda road. No hunting of any type is permitted in the refuge closed/waterfowl sanctuary area. Blinds may be used but must be removed daily. Dogs used for hunting must be under control of the handler at all times. Trail camers are prohibited on the refuge as is the use or possession of alcohol while hunting. Using lights to locate game on the refuge is not permitted and the use or possession of flastic flagging or reflective tacks is prohibited. Commercial guiding or participating in a paid commercial hunt is prohibited. Taking or harassing any animal other than those authorized to hunt is prohibited.

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