Vona Kuczynska

Headshot photo of Vona Kuczynska in front of moss covered karst taken by USFWS.
Fish and Wildlife Biologist

101 Park Deville Drive Suite A
Columbia, MO 65203
United States

About Vona Kuczynska

As a Fish and Wildlife Biologist, I complete section 7 Endangered Species Act consultations and work with federal agencies to assess and minimize impacts of proposed projects on threatened and endangered species. I also serve as the National Recovery Coordinator for cave and karst dependent Gray Bat and Grotto Sculpin. While I work with a variety of above and belowground wildlife, my primary interest lies in the field of bat ecology. I conduct a wide variety of bat surveys and research projects that promote bat conservation and help inform natural resource management decisions in Missouri. 


M.S. 2015. University of Missouri, St. Louis, MO. Ecology, Evolution and Systematics. 

B.S. 2007. Rutgers University, New Brunswick N.J. Ecology and Natural Resources. 

Email Vona for ESA Interagency Consultation if actions are associated with the following:

  • USACE: St. Louis District, North of Missouri River
  • USFWS: Partners Program
Areas of expertise
Endangered Species Act Section 7 Consultation Process
Bat Ecology

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