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Ranger Tom at the Office
Visitor Services Manager

321 Port Road
Port Road
Wells, ME 04090-4758
United States

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About Tom Wall

I'm originally from Upper Michigan, but have spent a lot of years away from there with the U.S. Air Force, working for and with Native American Tribes, the U.S. Forest Service, U.S. National Park Service and have finally been very happy for over ten years with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.  I enjoy working with youth and getting work done on the ground as well as planning and working for wildlife.

Areas of expertise
Outreach, Environmental Education, Community Connections, Youth Programming

From The Library

Rachel Carson NWR Grade 2-3 Teacher Led Guide Portuguese

Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge Trail Hike Guide 

Teachers will lead students along the Rachel Carson Trail and engage them in various activities.  After completing the activities students will be able to: Translate using Spanish to describe how many and what color...

Rachel Carson NWR Grade 4-5 Teacher Led Guide (Portuguese)

Rachel Carson NWR Teacher Led Trail Guide in Portuguese

Teachers will lead Portuguese Speaking Students along the Rachel Carson Trail After completing the guide, students will be able to: Record the weather and explain how the weather can affect what plants and animals you may see...

Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge Junior Ranger Program

Earn one of three junior ranger badges by completing the level of engagement that you choose.  Meet Rachel Carson, walk the trail through the forest, past the saltmarsh and end at the sea.  Explore animal tracks and bird calls as well as the Junior Duck Stamp Program. Bring your book...

Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge and Great Thicket National Wildlife Refuge Berwick-York Focus Area Hunting Package

Rules and Regulations for Hunting on Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge and Great Thicket National Wildlife Refuge Berwick-York Focus Area 

508 Compliant Rachel Carson NWR YCC CREW LEADER Flyer.pdf

NorthWoods Stewardship Center and Rachel Carson NWR seek a crew leader for summer employment.  Crew Leaders receive hands-on experience in conservation and experience in environmental outreach and education as they guide their crew through various projects in the field.  Crew Leaders...