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About Maria Dosal

Maria Liliana Dosal is Unangax̂ and is from King Cove, Alaska on Adgaagux lands on the Alaska Peninsula. She currently resides on Curyung lands in Dilingham, Alaska with her fiance, Mark, and her 2 year old daughter, Hazel Mae.  

Maria has never met a storm she didn’t like and chased her love for storms on the ocean with a career of commercial fishing. Commercial fishing has allowed Maria to travel up and down the coasts; Bristol Bay, Bering Sea, Southeast Alaska, and most of the West Coast for different seasons on the water. She enjoys learning about new ways to put away her harvests and teaching any traditional cultural practices or knowledge she’s acquired. What she loves most about subsisting from the land is the adventure and preparation it takes to harvest such wild animals and plants in wild places. She enjoys unplugging, spending time with family on the land, and hopes to live each day by making her ancestors proud. 

Maria is an Indigenous Knowledge Liaison focusing on elevating Indigenous voices in our Fish of the Week! podcast and #AllTheFish campaign. Her position is through Conservation Legacy and hosted by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Alaska Region Office of Communications.