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Originating as a tribute to 150 years of fisheries conservation, Season 1 followed co-hosts Katrina Liebich and Guy Eroh as they sought to unpack the diversity of Alaska’s fishes. Season 2 followed up as a true audio almanac to ALL THE FISH: a week-by-week tour of interesting American ichthyofauna with guests around the country from all walks of life. Season 3 continues a journey across America featuring fish big and small, common and rare, beautiful and downright strange. Diverse guests will continue to bring their perspectives about the latest fisheries science and how fish are woven into the fabric of communities and cultures across North America and beyond. The co-hosts bring their own excitement and humor to help listeners walk away from each episode smiling and with practical information about how to connect with and conserve our amazing finned friends. 

Stories about all the fish! We honor, thank, and celebrate the whole community — individuals, Tribes, States, our sister agencies, fish enthusiasts, scientists, and others — who have elevated our understanding and love, as people and professionals, of #AllTheFish.
This is a library collection/repository for accessible transcripts of each podcast episode of "Fish of the Week!" in accessible PDF form. 

Your Co-Host/Fish Guides


Katrina Liebich is a fish nerd and piscivore stationed in the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's Alaska Office of External Affairs. She has a Biology degree from Virginia Tech and a Master’s & Ph.D. from Michigan State University’s Department of Fisheries and Wildlife. Katrina has lived in Anchorage, Alaska since 2010 and loves all the fish, fishing, and helping others develop connections with fish. 







Guy Eroh is a fan of fishes. A man on a mission, dedicated to conserving and fostering appreciation for all aquatic critters finned and gilled. He studied ecology and fisheries and the University of Georgia and has shared his enthusiasm for fish with colleagues from Alaska to Washington DC. 






2022 Winner for Best Government Podcast

The US Fish and Wildlife Service won the "Best Podcast" award at the 2022 Golden Posts, given out by the Government Social Media Association, citing its "mix of expertise with humor" to create a podcast that "focuses on inclusivity and human-fish connections." 

Public Affairs Specialist
Office of Communications
Urban programming,
Refuges (southern Alaska),
Endangered Species Act/Ecological Services,
Wildlife and Sportfish Restoration ,
Digital Media
Anchorage, AK