Lindsey Adams

US Fish and WIldlife Biologist, Lindsey Adams, shown wading through water carrying a flag and anchor.
Fish & Wildlife Biologist, Zone Spill Response & NRDAR

200 Dulles Drive
Lafayette, LA 70506
United States

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About Lindsey Adams

Lindsey Adams graduated with her Bachelor of Science degree from Central Michigan University while working summer positions at Black River Sturgeon Rearing facility in Northern Michigan. She also worked in two labs on campus, one focused on aging smallmouth bass and looking at diet contents of Great Lakes fish while the other focused on Freshwater Mussel Ecology looking at both population genetics and performing host fish trials. 

After graduating, Lindsey accepted a position at the Alpena, MI FWCO office, spending several months focusing on Early Detection and Monitoring with a heavy emphasis in the invasive carp eDNA program. During that seasonal position she accepted a term position within the same office where she was the sole technician for both the Partner's for Fish and Wildlife and National Fish Passage Programs (NNFP) working on habitat restoration. During this time she performed many skills including River Geomorphology and Surveying, completed mussel surveys for T/E species, assisted on development of the NFFP Strategic Plan while working with various partners to share and implement the Plan, and designed and permitted for Private Lands projects throughout Northern Michigan.

As this term came to an end, she started her role as a Biologist at Natchitoches NFH in June of 2019. There she focused on Freshwater Mussel Recovery, continuing the Louisiana Pearlshell Mussel recovery program and starting the process of adding Inflated Heelsplitter, using Bluefer as a surrogate species. She also assisted the Gopher Tortoise, Paddlefish, Alligator Gar, Channel Catfish, Largemouth Bass, Gulf and hybrid Striped Bass, and Bluegill production and distribution. 

In April 2024, Lindsey started a new role at the Lafayette Ecological Services Field Office as a Fish & Wildlife Biologist for Zone Spill Response & NRDAR. 

Outside of the Office, Lindsey can be found hiking, camping, birding, making pottery and is always down for a good road trip! 

Areas of expertise
Freshwater Mussels
Habitat Restoration

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