Dr. Corinne "Cordie" Diggins

Corinne Cordie Diggins
Regional Climate Change Coordinator

500 Gold Avenue SW
Albuquerque, NM 87103
United States

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About Dr. Corinne "Cordie" Diggins

BS - Wildlife Conservation, University of Delaware, 2006

MS - Forestry, Northern Arizona University, 2010

PhD - Wildlife Conservation, Virginia Tech, 2016

Dr. Diggins has spent most of her career working in high-elevation desert systems in the Southwest and montane sky islands in the Southern Appalachians. The majority of her previous work focused flying squirrel and bat bioacoustics, distribution and habitat use of Appalachian cottontail, and camera trapping small mammals and white-tailed deer. She has also conducted research on Appalachian red spruce forest restoration and ponderosa pine restoration. She is the lead of the USFWS Southwest Climate Change Action Teamand is the chair of the North American Lagomorph Working Group.She also serves at the USFWS representative on the South Central CASC Science Advisory Committee and the Southwest CASC Science Advisory Committee.

Current Research Projects:

Wildlife-Fire Vulnerability Framework (USFWS Ecological Applications, New Mexico State University)

Climate Change Impacts on Mammals and Herptiles on the Colorado Plateau (collaborators: National Park Service, Texas A&M)

Activity Patterns, Community Dynamics, and Climate Change Impacts on High Desert Bat Communities on the Colorado Plateau (collaborators: National Park Service, Virginia Tech)

Impacts of Sagebrush and Pinyon-Juniper Fuel Management Treatments on Wildlife (collaborators: Bureau of Land Management, New Mexico State University)

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Areas of expertise
Climate Change
Camera Trapping
Ecological Restoration