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The golden-cheeked warbler (Dendroica chrysoparia, GCWA) is a small, neo-tropical songbird weighing about 10 grams (0.34 ounces) and is about 12 centimeters (4.7 inches) long (Pulich 1976, pp. 126-128). Adult GCWA males have yellow cheeks outlined in black with a thin black line through each eye and extending backwards from the eye (Oberholser 1974, p. 750; Ridgway 1902, p. 565). Upper breast, throat, and back are black, and the lower breast and belly are white with some lateral black spotting or streaking (Oberholser 1974, pp. 750, 753; Ridgway 1902, p. 565). Wings are blackish with two white wingbars, and tail feathers are black, except the outermost tail feather on each side is white with a black shaft line (Oberholser 1974, p. 753; Ridgway 1902, p. 565). The beak, legs, and feet are black, and eyes are dark brown (Oberholser 1974, p. 753). Adult GCWA females are similar to adult males but less strikingly marked (Pulich 1976, p. 121). For example, the cheeks and center of the throat of females are yellowish, grading to pale buff or white on the abdomen (Oberholser 1974, pp. 750, 753; Ridgway 1902, p. 566). Additionally, the back is dark olive-green with thin black streaks (Oberholser 1974, p. 750; Ridgway 1902, p. 566). Sides of the throat are black with feathers tipped in white, and the flanks (sides) are covered with black streaks (Oberholser 1974, p. 753; Ridgway 1902, p. 566).

Scientific Name

Dendroica chrysoparia
Common Name
Golden-cheeked Warbler
Golden-cheeked Wood Warbler
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